About us

about us

Tajurba, a business mentorship platform, is dedicated to providing its members with abundant growth opportunities. We organize regular business meet-up chapters to encourage members to explore potential collaborations and progress together. Additionally, we offer a range of complimentary benefits tailored to their membership packages, including exclusive in-depth training sessions.

At Tajurba, we understand the importance of fostering strong relationships among members. That's why we facilitate numerous bonding development meals, where individuals can connect, establish trust, and cultivate business partnerships within their network. In today's fiercely competitive landscape, Tajurba serves as a supportive ecosystem, offering proposals and guidance to business owners in pursuit of their goals.

Our platform goes beyond professional interactions. Through regular social meets, we create opportunities for families to come together, mingle, and enjoy shared experiences. Tajurba is more than just a business network; it embodies the essence of an extended family or a "third place" where members can find belonging and support.