tajurba history

Building a Legacy of Empowerment and Growth

Since its inception, Tajurba has been on a remarkable journey of empowering entrepreneurs and fostering business growth. With a vision to connect ten million job creators, SMEs, and startups, we have built an extensive ecosystem and support system for entrepreneurs globally. Our commitment to learning, collaboration, and providing abundant opportunities has shaped Tajurba into the thriving business mentorship platform it is today. We continue to write our history by nurturing strong relationships, embracing a code of honor, and creating an inclusive community where members can find inspiration, support, and success.

First Two
Second Two
Third Two

Mission & Vision

  • Empowering Learning, Business Growth, and Global Connections.
  • Connecting ten million Job Creators, SMEs, and Start-ups to create one of the largest ecosystems and support systems for entrepreneurs worldwide.


  • Creating a thriving mentorship platform and business network to foster collaboration and growth opportunities for members.

Goals & Objectives

  • Facilitate regular business meetup chapters to encourage collaborations and mutual growth.
  • Provide tailored membership packages with complimentary benefits and exclusive training sessions.
  • Organize bonding development meals to foster trust and establish strong business partnerships.
  • Offer proposals and guidance to support business owners in achieving their goals.
  • Host regular social meets to create a sense of community and provide enjoyable experiences for members and their families.

Code of Honour

  • Never Abandon a Team Mate in a Time of Need.
  • Embrace the Value of Abundance
  • Maintain Consistency in Actions and Efforts
  • Foster an Attitude of Giving
  • Commitment to Building a Strong Tajurba Community
  • Embrace a Lifelong Learning Mindset
  • Promote Contribution to Others and the Community
  • Cultivate Positivity in Interactions and Relationships